Cold roling production line

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Cold roling production line

Cold-rolled, hot-rolled steel coils are used as raw materials and rolled after pickling to remove oxidation, and the finished product is rolled hard sheet. Due to the cold hardening caused by continuous cold deformation, the strength and hardness of the rolled hard plate increase and the toughness index decreases.

The cold rolling mill is a six-spoke reversible cold rolling mill with individual drive of working spokes, which adjusts the position of the middle according to the strip width, and adopts bending force adjustment, segmental cooling, and spokes deviation adjustment in rolling to ensure good strip shape; the control system of the equipment adopts all German Siemens products to control thickness and precision automatically. The company's hard rolled sheets are sold individually as products as well as raw materials for hot-dip galvanizing.



Product thickness

Product width

Inner diameter of steel coil

Production capacity

Six-couple reversible cold rolling mill set




500,000 tons/year


Cold roling production line