Color Coating Production Line

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Color Coating Production Line

Color coating, is a product made by coating a plated substrate with a coating after surface chemical treatment and baking.

The color coated production line of Hebei Yanbo Color Coated Board Co., Ltd. adopts the process of primer coating, back coating, drying, top coating and re-drying, "three coating and two drying", and can produce color coated boards of all colors in Raoul's color card and special colors, after strict color difference control and a series of coating film performance tests such as salt spray and aging, the color coated boards can stand the test of time and environment.

In 2020, the company developed and produced the highest-end galvanized aluminum-magnesium color-coated steel sheet in the international market, which makes full use of the excellent characteristics of galvanized aluminum-magnesium substrate, such as strong corrosion resistance and good scratch resistance, and then coated with high weathering paint, further enhancing the decorative, anti-corrosion and weathering resistance of the product, and the service life is 10 to 20 times longer than the traditional color-coated sheet. It is widely used in various industries such as animal husbandry, industrial plants and home appliances, etc. Since the product was introduced to the market, it has been deeply favored and praised by customers.

In 2020, the company introduced Korean high-end color printing equipment to build a printing board production line. The printing board has the advantages of beautiful patterns and rich colors, which is suitable for home appliances, furniture, signs, indoor and outdoor decoration, etc. The company undertakes the customization of various patterns of printing boards.


Available range and production capacity

Production Line

Color coating unit

Substrate type

Galvanized, aluminized zinc, galvanized aluminum-magnesium

Product thickness


Product width

600 to 1250mm

Production capacity

500,000 tons/year


All colors and special colors of Lauer color card


Color Coating Production Line