Analysis of the development of my country's color-coated sheet manufacturers

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Analysis of the development of my country's color-coated sheet manufacturers

Mar. 11, 2022

Analysis of the development of my country's color-coated panels

1. Sufficient supply of resources. Affected by the shortage of substrates, the actual output of domestic color-coated boards has not grown much. At present, the substrates are abundant, and the price of color-coated boards has not stopped falling. Therefore, some domestic manufacturers with potential production capacity are still on the sidelines. In general, even if the import factor is not considered, the current domestic color-coated board resources are relatively sufficient. Of course, in the next step, major steel mills will respond to the call of the China Iron and Steel Association to adjust product structure and reduce production capacity in order to stabilize the market. Therefore, in the domestic color-coated sheet market (especially high-end products), there will be no imbalance between supply and demand in the short term.

2. Affected by the hot-dip galvanized sheet market, because the color-coated sheet market is closely related to the hot-dip galvanized sheet market, and the two will maintain a certain market price difference, and the current hot-dip galvanized sheet price has not stopped falling, so the color The price of coated sheet as its downstream product is also difficult to stop falling. When the price of hot-dip galvanized sheet and its upstream products, cold and hot-rolled coils, will stabilize in the next step, it will become an important signal for the turnaround of the color-coated sheet market.

3. Demand is still growing. This year, my country's economy will maintain steady and rapid growth. The demand for steel in the domestic market is still in a growth period. The demand for color-coated sheets will continue to grow for the Olympic project, the revitalization of the Northeast and the West, as well as the construction of key infrastructure and industrial projects in various cities.

On the continuous line, cold-rolled strip steel and galvanized strip steel (electro-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized) are used as substrates, and after surface pretreatment (degreasing and chemical treatment), one or more layers of liquid are coated by roller coating. Coating, after baking and cooling the obtained sheet is the coated steel sheet. Since the coating can have various colors, it is customary to call the coated steel sheet color coated steel sheet.