Galvanizing Line

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Galvanizing Line

Hot-dip galvanizing is the reaction between molten metal and iron substrate to produce an alloy layer, thus combining both the substrate and the plating layer.

The galvanizing production line of Hebei Yanbo Color Coated Sheet Industry Co., Ltd. adopts continuous production automatic welding technology and German Siemens full-line automatic control system, which not only ensures the continuity of production, but also guarantees the accuracy of quality. After hot dip galvanizing, the steel sheet is processed through a whole set of procedures such as deep finishing, plate shape correction and chemical transformation, which makes the galvanized sheet stable and of good quality.

In 2020, the company introduced the world's most advanced equipment and technology to produce galvanized aluminum-magnesium steel with high corrosion resistance, high hardness of plating surface, good scratch resistance, and automatic repair of cuts. Galvanized sheet, aluminized zinc sheet, galvanized aluminum-magnesium sheet can also be used as color coated substrate to produce various colors of color coated sheet by applying coatings.


Available range and production capacity


Hot-dip galvanizing

Product thickness


Product width


Inner diameter of steel coil


Production capacity

500,000 tons/year

Plating type

Galvanized, aluminized zinc, galvanized aluminum-magnesium

Surface Structure

Normal zinc flower, smooth zinc flower, no zinc flower

Surface treatment

Passivation, oiling, passivation + oiling, finger-resistant coating


Galvanizing Line